About Ssscales

Pied FemaleAt Ssscales our primary pursuit is to supply the reptile beginner, enthusiast, breeder and collector with the highest quality captive bred and bred Ball Pythons. As well as the continued support, growth and public education of these magnificent creatures.

By maintaining a collection of snakes that we bred and sold over the past 10+ years, it eventually allowed us to pursue a variety of species & expand our collection to what it is today. Our breeding efforts began with Classic Boas and over the course of time, the collection grew along with an interest in Dumeril’s Boas, Hog Island Boas, Jungle Carpet Pythons and our most recent venture, Ball Python Morphs. We kept and bred a wide variety of boa mutations ranging from Albinos and Sunglows to Motleys and T+ Albino.

Black Eyed LucyIn the past year we decided to focus mainly on Ball Python morphs and plan to expand into Green Tree Pythons. Our stock consist of 100% Captive Born & Bred Animals. Our Ball projects include such mutations and combinations such as Mojaves, Mystics, Spiders, Lemon Pastels, Supers, Lessers/Butters, Blue and Black Eyed Lucies, Piebalds, Albino, Albino Pieds, Pinstripes, Fireflies, KingPins, Clowns, Killer Clowns, Lesser Clowns, Mystic Potions, Enchis, Yellow Bellies, Coral Glow, Ultramel, and Calicos just to name a few. We’re constantly expanding our Ball python collection and adding new genes to work with in creating amazing designer morphs.

Today Ssscales, continues to operate as a family owned and operated part time business/full time obsession. We are located in South Florida and enjoy a herp friendly climate nearly year round. We hope soon to include Green Tree Pythons and plan to acquire the best bloodlines.

BumbleBeeWe know there are a lot of choices today for the reptile buyer to choose from when purchasing that special snake. Here at Ssscales we work hard to provide our customers with top quality snakes whether you’re a newbie, hobbyist, small breeder. We pride ourselves with great service and customer support throughout the buying process and afterward. We make sure that each snake kept and bred at Ssscales exceeds in quality, health and each individual snake receives all the care it deserves.

When it comes to our hobby as a business, our thinking is simple. We strive to give you top quality, competitive prices & 100% customer service and support to provide a positive buying experience. We offer only captive bred, hand raised, healthy snakes that make purchasing and owning a snake from Ssscales a rewarding experience. We try our best to meet our customer needs and offer continued support well after your purchase. We want you to enjoy your snakes as much as we enjoy every one of ours.

Thank you for considering Ssscales and visiting our website. If you should have any questions or comments, please email us at gerry@ssscales.com, or via our Contact Us page and we will reply to your email within 24hrs.