2012 Season Starts!

ssscales December 2, 2011 2

Wasn’t planning any pairings until January, but figured with the nice weather this weekend in SoFL, why not?! We have a few girls already at 2500-3500g and figured we’d start the season with them. Adding a few more in December, but for the most part most of our girls won’t see any males until Jan/Feb/March/April/May. Trying to add a few more months of rats to them!

Mystic X Pastel: Hoping this year to hit on a few Mystic combos to hold back and get to work on Super Mystic combos down the road!

Enchi X Lesser: Can’t wait to make a few Enchi Lessers to play with!

Ivory X BumbleBee: Gotta love the Bumble Bellies!

Plans change all the time for one reason or another, but here is what 2012 might look like as of November.

Pied X Pied
Ivory X Pied
Firefly X Pied
Pastel X Pied

Spider Het Albino X Albino
Spider Het Albino X Albino

Mystic X Mojave
Mystic X Mojave
Bumble Bee X Mojave
Super Vanilla X Mojave
Ivory X Mojave
Enchi X Mojave

Clown X Lesser
BumbleBee X Lesser
Super Vanilla X Lesser
Ivory X Lesser
Enchi X Lesser
Enchi/BumbleBee X Super Lesser

Clown X Pastel
Enchi X Pastel
Mystic X Pastel
Ivory X Pastel

Ivory X BumbleBee
Enchi X BumbleBee

Enchi/Ivory X ButterBee
Enchi/BumbleBee/Super Vanilla X PewterBee

Super Pastel X Pewter
Super Pastel/BumbleBee X Calico

LemonBlast X Spider
LemonBlast X Spider

Firefly X Firefly
Firefly X Super Fire

Clown X Clown
Pastel Lesser X Clown

Pastel Lesser X Pinstripe
BumbleBee X Pinstripe

I know I am probably missing 2-3 more, and also have about 9 Normal 2000-3500g girls I have no clue what to do with 2012. As you can see we’re hoping to plug the Yellow Belly, Enchi, Vanilla, Fire, and Mystic genes everywhere we can next year!


  1. Medic1 December 26, 2011 at 8:57 pm -

    Really interested in what the Super Fire x Firefly makes/looks like. Thinking of playing this combo.

  2. ssscales December 26, 2011 at 9:46 pm -

    Thanks, the Super Fire to Firefly should make Fireflies, Fires, Super Fires (Black Eyed Lucy) and possibly Pastel Super Fires. Hoping for more Fireflies, Black Eyed Lucies and of course a Pastel BEL.

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