Special (Crystal maker)

ssscales February 6, 2012 0

This week I also purchased a “Special” male, another dream maker for me from the very first day I saw a picture of Tom Baker’s Crystal with a price tag of $75,000! A Crystal is the combination of a Special to a Mojave and when both genes combine they create the crystal. I am fortunate enough to have acquired a 2011 special male which I hope to be able to breed in 2013 to a few of my adult Mojoave females along with some other codom females. I cannot wait to hatch out Crystals as well as Special combinations to make Crystal combos such as Pastel Crystals, Spider Crystals, Leopard Crystals, Crystal Potions, and the list goes on!

My Special Male

Pastel Crystal – Tom Baker

Super Special – Tom Baker

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