2012 Eggs!

ssscales May 19, 2012 2

It’s officially started! First clutch of the 2012 year dropped 4/26 and a nice one at that! Mystic X Normal pairing, 7 pearly white eggs! Hoping to see a few female Mystics out of this and a few other Mystic clutches I am expecting! Mystics are one of the most exciting genes to be working with going forward with the Potions and Super Mystics and the combinations when you add other genes to the mix makes for a great future!

Enchi X Normal, dropped only 4 eggers!

Mystic X Pastel! Big mamma 4000g dropping her eggs a day early on 5/11 bred to my Mystic! Hoping for a few hold back Pastel Mystics out of this one!

Lesser Pastel/KingPin X Spider clutch dropped 5/14, 7 nice pearly whites!

Firefly/LemonBlast X Bee clutch dropped 5/19:

I’ll be posting most of the clutches laid this year on this blog post to keep it in order. Expecting 5 clutches due in May and hope to see 2-4 clutches drop in June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct.

Thanks for looking and hope everyone else is having a great year!


  1. chrystal June 20, 2012 at 6:16 pm -

    send out the 2012 available hatchlings w/pic’s and any female breeders u are swapping out

  2. ssscales June 20, 2012 at 9:44 pm -

    Hi Kerry, I’ll be posting up available babies as they pip and shed and update as they feed and are ready to go out. Only female breeders I’ll be selling off this year are normal girls as they drop eggs and start feeding again, gain back their weight. I should have about 3-4 normal girls for sale that are in the 2000-2200g range. Once again, as they regain their pre-breeding weight and feel, they will be up for sale. Price would range $150 shipped for one and $100ea additional female. So price for one $150, 2 $250, 3 $350, etc. These are solid girls, all great egg producers, no duds here. Only reason I would sell them, is I have morph girls replacing them.

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