2012 Babies!

ssscales July 4, 2012 0
2012 Babies!

Thought I’d start a post just for 2012 babies as they hatch vs tagging everything on to the “Breeding season” blog post. Babies have already started to pip and come out of the egg late early July and we’re off and running. We’ve got ten clutches as of July 4th incubating and more scheduled to drop, and more on the way developing. All in all we’re anticipating about 20-23 clutches for 2012 with a variety of morphs and designer morphs.

Starting the year we have a nice batch of Mystics from a Mystic X Normal pairing. Doesn’t get much better than these beauties and these are top notch, grade A+++ Mystics! Mystics are Mojave like except when combined with Mojaves they produce Mystic Potions and when Mystic X Mystic are paired, you get Super Mystics! As you can see, there is no mistaking these Mystics with Normals or Mojaves! We’re super pleased to be adding more Mystics to the collection this year and Mystic combos to get on course for Super Mystics and Super Mystic combos!

We’re also producing some Enchi and Enchi combos this year! Enchis have proven to be a MUST HAVE gene in any Ball python collection as they are a vital ingredient in making some of the most amazing designer combinations to date! We’re very pleased this year to have a few clutches of Enchi X Normals, as well as Enchi X Lessers, and Enchi X Mojaves!

KingPin X Spider clutch out!



Killer Blasts, LemonBlasts, Bees, Pastels!

Enchi Lessers, Enchis, and Lessers!

Enchi/Enchi Lesser/Lesser!

More Enchi Lessers and Lessers!

Whole clutch of Yellow Bellies!

Fire KillerBee, Fire Bees, and Firefly!

More Enchis..

A nice mix.

Mystic Potions/Mystics!

Enchi Mojaves!

We’ll be adding more to this blog as more babies hatch out!
Stay tuned!


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