2013 Breeding Season!

ssscales December 22, 2012 4

Here we go again, another year and lots more to expectations! This season holds more firsts for us, as always our priority and first thing to mind when the season starts and breeding pairs is what do I need, what do I want to produce for myself and my our collection and future projects. Breeding to produce to sell is still not a primary for us, we’re not at that level yet and we may never be there seeing as there is just so much potential and never ending list of what we want or need. Selling snakes is a byproduct of producing what we want first, which has worked out well for us in many ways. Here are just a few of what we have in the works for 2013! Anyways, let’s get started!

This year I wanted to make some Super Fire (Black Eyed Lucy) as well as more Fireflies and possibly a Super Fire Pastel. While this might just be another white snake, the breeding potential would be great! I would love to produce a male Super Fire/Super Pastel, imagine everything you breed it to would hatch out a Firefly combined with any other genes! Every egg would be a Firefly X…

Here we have our Firefly X Calico pairing! In 2012 we hatched out a Firefly Calico which was breathtaking, but unfortunately it did not make it! We’re hoping 2013 gives us a Firefly Calico and Pastel Calicos!

Firefly X Lesser! Needless to say, we LOVE the combination of Fire and Pastel and can’t wait to add more genes into this combo!

Firefly X Pinstripe!

Here we have a Special (Crystal maker) male breeding a Mojave female! Goal here is to make Crystals! We have a few Mojave girls lined up for this boy!

I loved hatching out Potions so much in 2012, that we decided to produce more in 2013! Mystic X Mojave! We’ve got a few pairings of Mystic to Mojaves!

A few Clown projects!
Clown X BEL (Super Lesser) female! Every egg she lays will be a Lesser 100% Het Clown! I have a few Clown females and hope to make some Lesser Clowns and Clown combos in 1-2yrs!

Clown X Killer Bee, she will produce a clutch of Pastels and Bees all 100% Het Clowns! Have you seen the Bumble Bee and Killer Bee Clowns yet?!

Clown X Clown, reduced pattern Clowns!

Ivory X BumbleBee!

Ivory X Pied!

Ivory X Pastel!

A few Leopard projects in the works!
Leopard X Bumble Bee!

Leopard X Lesser!

Leopard X Mojave!

Leopard X Pastel!

KingPin X Pastel!

Lesser (dinker..lol) x Lesser!

Spider Het Albino X Albino, got a few of these pairings hoping to hatch out a few Albino Spiders and Albinos!

DH Albino Pied X Albino, got a few of these pairings!

Super Vanilla X Lemon Blast!

Super Vanilla X Pastel!

LemonBlast X Lesser!

We will be adding lots more throughout the season! Things are just getting started!
Hope everyone has a great year!


  1. chris c April 5, 2013 at 1:43 am -


    Im new to breeding so Im not looking for multi morph ball pythons. Im looking for Mojave female, lesser male, butter male, albino pair, spider female. Will you have any of these available anytime soon? Prices would be great



  2. ssscales April 5, 2013 at 9:59 am -

    Thanks Chris, I should in fact have all of those. Mojave female $175, lesser male $125, butter male (same exact snake as Lesser), albino pair ($250/M-$300/F- $500/Pair), spider female ($125). These prices already include S&H and if purchased all together and I can ship all at once, deduct $200 from total as I don’t need to charge you for shipping 5Xs.

  3. Bree July 4, 2013 at 3:53 am -

    I have just started breeding ball pythons and I don’t know much about how the pattern genes work with breeding. I am looking to produce some killer clowns or some mojave killer clowns. What two pattern/genes do I need to produce these particular patterns? And do you have snakes that I could purchase in order to get these patterns?

  4. ssscales August 3, 2013 at 3:08 pm -

    For Killer Clowns you would need a double dose of Pastel and Clown and for Mojave Killer Clowns you’d need to add Mojave to that mix. I have these genes separate but not combined.

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