Simple Math and “The Market!”.

ssscales February 22, 2013 1
Simple Math and “The Market!”.

I was going to post this as a FaceBook post, but way too long! Each year you see post after post about prices dropping. People complaining about $1000 snakes dropping to $600 or $200 after 3yrs! Guess what, the year before that people were complaining about $3000 snakes dropping to $1000! Before that people complaining about $5000 snakes dropping to $3000! It’s the same BS, same story, different year, different generation…

Here it is plain and simple! The only way to lose money, I mean REALLY lose money, is if your snakes die on you before they breed! I mean really lose money, not the “I’m pissed that I only made 200% this year off this and I lost money!” mentality. Or the “I only made 100% of my money back this season and I am posting as if my snakes will never breed again! I lost money” post!

Even if you buy a $1000 snake and by the time you have babies to sell they are $100…you will MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK AND THEN SOME! Even if you paid $50,000 for a snake and they are selling for $10,000…YOU WILL MAKE MONEY BACK AND THEN SOME!!! Even if you bought $100 snake and babies are selling for $10, YOU WILL MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK AND THEN SOME!!!Some people are either bad at simple math, or think in such short terms, or just bitch for the sake of bitching! If you buy a snake for $1000 and that gene loses 50% each year until it drops to $0.01 (that’s right ONE PENNY) and all you reproduced was that one single gene…YOU WILL STILL MAKE MONEY!

You may not pay off your mortgage as you had planned in your head that season, you may not buy the wife that new car next year as you promised off that $200 pair of snakes you purchased, but you WILL MAKE MONEY! I see this time and time again, year after year, people bitching about prices falling! It’s as if when people are talking about balls 2 X 10 doesn’t add up to 20 somehow, or 20 is less than 5. Or you would think balls breed once and die! I don’t get it, did they stop teaching simple math in school at some point?

As long as your snakes are reproducing, YOU WILL MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK AND THEN SOME! It may take you more than one egg, it may take you more than one clutch, it may take you more than one season based on MANY/MAN/MANY/MANY factors, but you will MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK AND THEN SOME many times over! Not just balls, whether you are breeding balls or corn snakes or geckos for $10ea, you will MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK AND THEN SOME! You likely already have, but in todays world: $200 x 20 = $4000 minus feeding and bedding say $500, but don’t forget clubbing every weekend, new DJ set, that next snake you bought, the new rack, some new clothes, new pair of Nike, that weekend vacation, and when you’re broke… somehow the math of $200 X20 = $50.00 and this market sucks, prices dropping each year are killing me, and how can anyone make any money! You spent it all!!! Some people earn $50,000 a year and live like kings! Others earn $500,000/yr or more and are always broke, or in debt to the teeth! Why do you think that is and who or what is to blame?

You know another thing that baffles me? Gravity! How is it that when you throw something UP….it comes down? WTF is that all about?! This drives me crazy year after year! You throw some UP and it comes DOWN! Each year I keep asking myself when will stuff just keep going up when I throw it up?!..LOL

Relax everyone, enjoy your snakes! Focus on networking, marketing, branding, customer service and breeding! The money side of this will come at whatever level you put into it and what you make of it!

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