Creating a website?

ssscales March 9, 2013 1
Creating a website?

I often see and get asked questions about “How do I go about creating a website?”. Here I will explain how I went about it and give you an overall broad based information. I am not a software or website programmer by any means! I know many website programmers and designers will be throwing a temper tantrum, and criticize, but here it goes! Really it comes down to a few things! Knowing what you want, I know it’s difficult for many these days but…READ!!!! Educate yourself on the best way to go about it, learn something whether it be basic HTML or WordPress! Take the time and learn something vs depending on others to spoon feed you!

There are many way to go about it really:
1) You can pay someone a couple $100 to a couple $1000 for them to set you up!
2) You can get one of those freeware websites with a ton of ads and spam popups which everyone hates!
3) You can create your own via HTML which to me may have been Chinese, but there is a ton of info on the net to help you!
4) Create what is called a Dynamic website using a WordPress or Joomla.

We will discuss the option I chose after looking into all of the above! I decided to go with a WordPress based website because to me it was the simplest and most flexible option and was easy to learn once you got a feel for it. Plus I liked the interactiveness with guests that it gave me. Everything is plug and play, you have 1000s of free themes to chose from and 1000′s of paid themes that can range from $10 to $100 and all are customizable. You can choose many themes and make them your own, change colors, etc.

Same as plugins, there is a plugin for everything from photo gallery to shopping carts, to social media, you name it! Everything is basically a few clicks of a mouse! When people think of WordPress they think of a Blog, truth is there are countless of WordPress themes of all sorts that are used to create Dynamic websites! By Dynamic I mean interactive! Users can interact with you, example commenting on this post!

My website is based on a WordPress theme and there are 1000s to choose from in every design imaginable! Also keep in mind almost are are very wide open to customizing and what you get can be changed. Also many hosting companies offer a one click install for WordPress. Everything you see on my website in the side bar from the social media feed to the Youtube, to the recent posts, all of those are plugins. Takes a few clicks of a mouse to add, change, delete, etc. My FaceBook store is also a plugin. There are plugins for everything and most are FREE!

It really could not be any easier IF you take the time and READ…I know…painful right! Who really wants to spend a whole weekend/week/month reading, studying and learning something?!…OUCH! I write this with a tone of sarcasm because I know I will get 100s of questions that one can easily find if they just READ! Many will Google the hell out of porn, but won’t Google to learn something useful to save their lives…LOL This post will benefit those who will take the time and learn something new for themselves. I’m basically just pointing you in a direction and you need to take it from there. If you won’t put in the time to learn something, you may as well save your money and pay someone! But, then you still need to learn how to manage your website anyways, unless you plan to pay someone for that also!..LOL Question is, what do you have more of $$$$ or time and patience to learn something? It’s really not all that complicated and with WordPress it really does not get much easier to get whatever you want!

Domain Name:
First thing you need to decide on is a NAME! What will your website be called www.?.com. You will need to set up a domain name for this www.?.com page. Setting up domain names can be free to $10-$15/yr.

You’ll also need a hosting account. Where your website will be housed! Such as,, and countless others. I’ve used all of the above for a year at a time and have been using Host Gator now for a few years and LOVE them! They are not the cheapest but for a few bucks more a year the service and peace of mind they give me is well worth it! Hosting a website is not expensive in the scheme of things. You could be looking at $5-$20/MO depending on the package you get but for a single website say like this one for example, you might pay $8-$10/MO and it will take forever for me to outgrow this. Unless you have a forum and all that, you really don’t need much.

Once you have your domain name and hosting begin started on the design aspect! Which again comes to the question “What is it that YOU want?”. Look at other websites and find one you like, the feel, look, flow and get to work! A website is always a work in progress as you’re always adding, changing, updating something, but it can take you a weekend to set up or a few months depending on your knowledge and how quick you get all this and what you want in the end. Do a search for FREE WordPress themes! Great thing with WordPress is you can change your whole theme with a few clicks of a mouse! Don’t like it, change it with a few clicks of a mouse…LOL

Just do a search of WordPress websites and themes and you’ll see a wide range of endless designs and options you can choose from and direction you can go in. Whether it’s an information heavy site where you plan to post a lot, or just a basic few pages to showcase what you have, or a shopping cart only websites. You can make of it whatever you want! Before anyone asks…No I will not help you with your website! This is very time consuming and as I expect I will get asked 1001 questions! All you need to do is use Google to ask the same question and get 10,000 answers to choose from…all you have to do is READ! Same as I did and others did and do all the time. You can do it also…

Good luck!

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  1. Ryan Smith March 21, 2013 at 4:43 pm -

    Great advice for getting started, it’s really not very difficult.

    I would caution people though… you’ve GOT to keep your software up to date or you WILL get taken advantage of.

    Joomla is slightly more advanced, but it’s been my experience that you will find it more secure, and with a little more community backing. It’s open-source, so you rely on programmers (like me) to really help you out or get you started.

    It is SO IMPORTANT though that you keep everything up to date.

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