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ssscales April 25, 2013 4

I decided to purchase an Ultrasound machine, after wanting one for about 2yrs but never really convincing myself I needed one. I just never could justify the $6000-$10,000 price tag new or $2000-$6000 used! Right place at the right time you can say, a Carpet breeder had posted a link to ProExotics Facebook page, in which they were selling their Ultrasound machine. Price was right and I did not hesitate! They had purchased it back in 2003 for $10,000 and it’s actually the same unit featured on the Herpers I video.

I had seen many professional large scale breeders in the past swear by them and how they were a game changer! I had also noticed many up and coming smaller ad midsized breeders also making the investment and how they were the best money spent! An ultrasound machine can revolutionize your breeding strategy and success. It takes the “guesswork” if you will out of breeding somewhat. By being able to accurately monitor female follicle growth is essential to successful pairings and breeding. Just to be able to pinpoint the window of viability in each female is priceless. We do this manually by palpating but that gets tiresome with numbers and nowhere near as accurate.

I’m already midway into the 2013 season and hope to use it this year to see where I can tweak here and there that may make a difference. This Ultrasound unit allows you can locate the follicles, freeze the image, measure follicle size down to the millimeter, document valuable data.

In the past we would pair snakes on/off for months at a time, and only during a schedule breeding season, a start and finish. That strategy produced great results most years, but it takes attention to details, constantly monitoring females for signs, palpating, scheduled placement of the male to females, sometimes getting 6-8-10 locks from start to finish to increase your chances of hitting that right window and getting the job done.

By using the ultrasound to monitor the follicular cycle and development of each female, you may only have to pair that male to female once during that window to have successful copulation. Of course a few more locks doesn’t hurt, but you can drastically better utilize your males and maximize them. Instead of pairing one male to 3-4 females and hope for more and possibly stress your male or wear him down, you can focus his attention to specific females at specific times and thus spread him out over many more females.

An Ultrasound also helps as many females don’t always ovulate in a set season, or period, or on your schedule! Sometimes females cycle outside of the “normal” season, and when paired up appropriately regardless of time of year but based on their individual cycle, it tends to increase your chances for a successful clutch!

Using an ultrasound machine is a game changer for sure from those I have spoken with, it is an invaluable tool and will enhance your knowledge and skill as a reptile breeder.

Started using it and I have to say it has already changed the way I see things! I have learned more details about where my girls are at than I could have ever thought! KNOWING is different than estimating, assuming, guessing and that’s what this offers you, the ability to KNOW. I’m pretty good at knowing my snakes, paying attn to details, feeling my girls out just on their behavior! I’ve been doing this for a while and consider myself pretty good at reading my snakes and it’s worked well for me so far. I’m also pretty good at palpating, but where before I was 90% sure or even 99% sure, this gives me 100% certainty!




  1. Verne May 4, 2013 at 5:00 am -

    Hey, I was wondering, where would I even begin to look for a used ultra sound? Also, what model of ultra sound is used? Thanks again, for your time.

  2. ssscales May 6, 2013 at 12:37 pm -

    I have no idea, I got lucky on this one as a fellow breeder was selling it. I have seen some on Ebay and stuff, but you have to be careful.

  3. Dimitrius September 5, 2013 at 1:12 am -

    What kind is it?

    You should post more details and pics about the snakes you are ultrasounding and the involved with the process.

  4. ssscales September 5, 2013 at 9:50 pm -

    I will do a video on it soon.

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