Lavender Albinos & Ultramels

ssscales March 25, 2015 0
Lavender Albinos & Ultramels

Every year we expand  and evolve by holding back babies, genes and combos from our own production in order to evolve our projects, collection and production for future years. Over the years we have also purchased new genes to broaden our collection and projects as well as provide a nice variety to our customers. From early on with Pieds and Clowns, to the last few years Coral Glows and GHIs adding new colors and patterns.

In 2015 we decided to add two new genes; Lavender Albinos and Ultramels!

Back when we purchased our first Albino Ball Pythons there was a very wide difference in pricing from regular Albinos and Lavender Albinos. I believe we paid $1000 for our first Albinos and Lavender Albinos at the time were appx $10,000-$15,000ea. We did not see this as being justified and went with reg Albinos and have enjoyed them immensely and have done very well with them! Albinos are still one of the most admired and well know genes on the planet!

At the request of a customer we helped out in researching Lavs and their prices and seeing their prices narrow considerably closer…we decided to purchase a group of Lavender Albinos ourselves! We fell in love with the lavender tint and just stronger contrast and difference the Lavender Albinos had in combinations vs the reg Albinos. Plus as Lavender Albinos age they get insanely better and richer in color each year as they age! We purchased an exceptional group of A++ Lavender and Pastel Lavender Albinos that are all also 66% Hets for something extra…time will tell if we hit on the awesomeness!

As we mentioned we also purchased a nice group of Ultramels! Ultramels are somewhat close to Caramels except without all the genetic issues that curse the Caramels. We spent years waiting for more information on Ultramels to come forward from trusted breeders as you can never be too careful with hidden defects as greed is a powerful force for many! Finally in 2013 we purchased a male but sadly he died…just one of those things.

We decided this year to once again to dive into the Ultramel pool as prices came down and we purchased a nice group of quality A++ Ultramels from a close friend! We were privileged to see some Ultramel combos that have not been released to the public and were simply blown away by their beauty! I believe as more and more Ultramel combos surface we will see a huge increase in this gene!


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