DH Albino Pieds…WTF?

ssscales September 26, 2010 2
DH Albino Pieds…WTF?

Looking forward to some DH Albino Pieds!
Hoping for 2.4 DHets and hopefully some Albino Pieds in 2012/2013!

Albino on eggs!
Six egger!

I was cutting my Double Het Albino Pied clutch a few minutes ago, or so I assumed it was a DH Albino Pied clutch!!! Here we have the pair, Pied male X Albino female, this was the ONLY male that was paired with this female this year!! Last year she was bred by my Albino male and produced a clutch of 6 Albinos. This season/year she was ONLY paired with my Pied male! No other male came near this female since last years clutch other than the pied male. So, naturally I am expecting a clutch of normal looking babies that would be 100% Het for Albino and 100% Het for Pied, RIGHT?…WRONG!…LOL


I’m assuming she retained sperm from last year when she was bred to the Albino male and here we are, but I wonder if these may also be Het for Pied?..Maybe?…Possibly?


  1. Bill Rubin August 7, 2010 at 9:53 pm -


    Are you going to have any 1.1 DH Albino Pieds for sale?

    Bill Rubin

  2. ssscales August 7, 2010 at 10:36 pm -

    Hi Bill, it all depends on the sex ratios we end up with.

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