Lesser/Pinstripe clutch!

ssscales October 22, 2010 0
Lesser/Pinstripe clutch!

Finally, last clutch of the 2010 season and one I was counting and waiting on! This girl dropped a nice clutch for us last year with a Jigsaw, LemonBlasts, Pinstripe, Pastels and this year she dropped 8 eggs this morning! Can’t wait to see what this clutch holds as she was bred to three males, but mainly a Lesser male! Hoping for a few KingPins!

Lesser/Super Pastel/Bee X Pinstripe
Lesser X Pin
Super Pastel X Pin
Pinstripe Ovulation

Update: The end result on 10/22, a nice batch consisting of a Lesser, Pastel Lesser, Normal, KingPin and a LemonBlast! I have to say, I love the KingPin! I can’t wait to inject some Pastel in there, maybe Enchi, some Spider, maybe some Fire or Vanilla!


As I thought when I cut the egg, one of them is a LemonBlast. As you can see above, I paired the Pinstripe female with a Lesser male for the most part, hence the Lessers and Kingpin in the clutch. But, I also paired her with a BumbleBee and Super Pastel a few times in the season. I’m assuming that’s the reason for the LemonBlast (Pastel/Pinstripe) and Pastel Lesser. This seems to happen quite often in balls, where you pair multiple males with a female and get babies/genes off multiple males. Same thing happened to me the previous year, I paired a Mojave & Pastel male with this same female Pinstripe and got mostly LemonBlasts and Pins, but also got a Jigsaw (Mojave/Pinstripe) in the clutch.


One left in the egg, nice looking Pastel Lesser with a reduced pattern!

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