New additions!

ssscales September 13, 2010 0
New additions!

As our ball python collection continues to grow and diversify, we added a few more of what we love. Starting with a Mystic male, doesn’t look like much on their own, but when paired to a Mojave, this cross will produce Mystic Potions!! Although they have not been bred to a Phantom yet, they are believed to be the same gene. For those who don’t know what a Mystic Potion is, it’s simply one of the most beautiful ball morphs in the world!! Mystic Potions are known for having a very purple tint that turns grey as they age. The yellow dorsal stripe tends to get brighter as they age. They also have varying degrees of white circles on their sides. We have a few 09 hold back grade A+++ Mojave females that are packing on some good size, already at 850-1100g these girls should be ready by early/mid 2011 for this boy.

Mystic Male

We love our Firefly female so much, that we bought a pair of Firflies! Hoping to get the male up to size by next year to pair up with everything from a BEL (Black Eyed Lucy), BumbleBee, to a ButterBee. Hoping to have our Firefly girls up to size for 2012, shoot for SuperFlies, KillerBee Fireflies, QueenBee Fireflies, and ofcourse more BEL’s!

Firefly male
Firefly Female

We’ve also added two more 09 Pied females to our harem of 09 Pied girls. Can’t wait to have these girls at 1500-2000g and paired with various males to produce more Pieds (everyone loves Pieds), Pastel Pieds, another one of our Pied projects we’re shooting for is Firefly Pieds and Fire Vanilla Pieds!

Pied Female
Pied Female

We also picked up another reduced pattern female clown, along with a male clown. Hoping to get a jump start on raising up some nice reduced pattern female clowns, and plan on producing Pastel Clowns and Butter Clowns come 2012!


Our ball python collection is really taking off, but more importantly we’re planning ahead to be in a GREAT position come 2012/2015 to produce some amazing 2-3-4-5 gene combinations, some designer morphs, along with some selectively breed favorites.

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