2011 Breeding Season!

ssscales June 27, 2011 0
2011 Breeding Season!

2011 is in full gear now and looking good! Looking forward to many hold backs, growing the collection, projects, combos. Here are a few pairings and projects we have going and are looking forward to in 2011, I’ll be adding to the list and pictures as we go along. All in all, we’re expecting between 10-15 clutches this year, 25-30 clutches next year. So far we are right on target and expect to end the year with appx 12 clutches, not bad!

Here we have our Pied X Albino, hoping for DHet Albino Pieds!
Pied X Albino

Pied X Albino

Like clockwork, due on 8/15 and dropped on 8/15! Seven nice eggs!
Pied X Albino clutch!

Lesser X Bee, hoping for QueenBees!
Lesser X Bee

BumbleBee X BumbleBee, or KillerBees!
Bee X Bee

A day late, but it’s all good on 5/15! 6 eggs, 1 slug!
Bee clutch!

Looks like the Lesser was the daddy! Didn’t hit on a LesserBee or QueenBee, but got a few nice Lessers, Spiders, and Pastels!
Lesser X Bee

Bee X Lesser, increasing my chances and odds!
Bee X Lesser

LemonBlast X Lesser, hoping to double sire this one!
LemonBlast X Lesser

Albino X Spider, hoping for Spiders Het Albino! Ovulated on 3/25!
Albino X Spider

Dropped 8 eggs on 4/4/2010:
Spider clutch

Looks like we have Spiders Het Albinos! 1.2 Spiders Het Albinos and 1.2 Normals
Spiders Het Albinos

Bumble Bee X Pinstripe, hoping for more Spinner Blasts!
Bumble Bee X Pinstripe

BumbleBee/Pied X Pastel, she’s about 3300-3500g and hope she drops a nice 8-10 egger! Ovulated on 3/18!
Pied X Pastel

Eggs dropping 4/27:
Bee/Pied X Pastel

Didn’t do too well on the odds, but can’t complain! 0.1 KillerBee, 2.3 Pastel, 2.0 Spiders and 1.0 Normal

The girls


Lesser X Normal pairing, got about 5-6 of these going! Female #10 Ovulated 3/12 & Female #8 Ovulated 3/23!
Lesser X Normal
Lesser X Normal

Normal dropped clutch, 6 eggs on 5/10!

Not bad, 1.2 Lessers and 2.1 Normals
Lessers and Normals

BumbeBee X Flora & Fauna Calico female! She’s about 1500g now, hoping she gets a few more meals in her! I’ll be cycling my Bee & Super Pastel males with her hoping for CaliBees, Caliders and/or Pastel Calicos!
BumbleBee x Calico

Super Pastel X BEL (Super Fire) female, she’s about 1600g now and still feeding great! Hoping for a nice pile of Fireflies!
BumbleBee x Calico

Lesser X Pastel, looking forward to having a few Pastel Lessers to play with!
Lesser X Pastel

Mystic X Mojave #01, REALLY hoping this boy comes through this year and gives us 1-2-3-4 Potions!
Mystic X Mojave!

Ovulation 8/7
Mystic X Mojo ovulation

Mystic X Mojave #02, looking good on female mojo #02!
Mystic X Mojo #02

Mystic X Normal female
Mystic X Normal

Dropped 6 good eggs on 6/8!
Normal girl on eggs!
Mystic X Normal clutch

Mystic X Normal female #2 dropped her eggs 8/9!
Mystic X Normal #2

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